Burger King    Salem, NH

  To the left flank, HAAAARCH!!!

Goodyear Tire Store

Tarzana, CA
Damn prosthetic leg! 
Come back here!

Outback Steakhouse
Hermantown, MN
Reserved for the Bubble Boy.
submitted by Martin Lightner

 Unknown Winery

    My only handicap is
    this 20oz goblet of wine.
    submitted by Anonymous

FINA Gas Station Burnet, TX

    Tortoises, park here;   hares, waaaaay over there!
  submitted by Charles D. Clements

 Little Expressions Daycare

    East Hampstead, NH
    Cute little tushy, though it seems to
    be wearing a diaper.

 Mr. Mike’s Restaurant  & Lounge  Haverhill, MA

    No arms makes it a little hard to

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